Logan Paul is back vlogging!

After a lot of backlashes from his video in Japan, Logan Paul is finally back. The 22-year-old released a video Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow – to bring awareness to prevent suicide attempts across the world. The YouTuber has also pledged to donate $1 million to Suicide Prevention Organisations.   Although, his efforts to make a […]

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Samsung confirms that it is manufacturing AISC chips for mining Cryptocurrency

Samsung has confirmed that it has begun manufacturing AISC chips for mining Cryptocurrency such as BITCOIN, ETHEREUM among others. This confirmation follows certain reports from South Korea that hinted towards this development. A report claims that they have partnered with Chinese bitcoin hardware makers and mass production will be starting soon. Samsung’s foundry business has […]

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Apple’s HomePod Shipping Starts on February 9

Last year June, Apple announced their HomePod which is an obvious answer to Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Echo. The project launch date which was December was pushed back to this year as the company needed, “a little more time.” The good news is that the time has finally come and the product is available for […]

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