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“Go Behind the Label with one of the biggest names in fashion history – Donna Karan. Judy Licht sits down in a candid interview with the designer about her business, her life, her charity and her many achievements.

Behind the Label

Each episode profiles one top designer from the fashion and beauty worlds exclusively, detailing their rise to fame, philosophy on fashion, inspirations, current collections and much, much more. Behind The Label also takes viewers behind the scenes with a tour of the designer’s private showroom or a walk through their stunning home.


Reserve Channel provides once-in-a-lifetime access to some of the more extraordinary people and places life has to offer. Whether it’s traveling to exotic locales, getting inside the studio with iconic artists, or cooking alongside culinary legends, Reserve Channel has you on the list. This is where the content appetite of the cultural creatives is satisfied.


Reserve Channel has done a Candid Interview with the star in the women’s fashion Industry – Donna Karan.

Watch this episode of interview by Reserve Channel.


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