Interview with Armine OHANYAN – An Aspiring Artist, Stylist & Fashion Designer

Armine OHANYAN is an aspiring fashion designer with some really creative designs under her belt. We decided to have a little chat with her to get to know her better!


Beginning of Spring – Credits Patrick Evesque

URBAIN: Hey Armine, How are you? Would you like to tell us something about yourself?


Thanks for this interview. I am from Armenia and have been living in France for 5 years now. I love Art and Fashion, and I try to make this connection to my artistic creations. I won an international fashion competition in Paris (E-Fashion Awards 2016). I will be attending as a fashion designer at the Vancouver Fashion Week in March 2017. My collections will be exhibited in international showrooms from September 2017.


URBAIN: What inspired you to get into the Fashion Industry? And who do you look up to in this Industry?

Armine: As I told you before, I love Art. Since age 6, I am drawing and painting. I drew dresses for my mother at an early age. When I am creating something, I always want to express myself. My background of Fine Arts gave me a solid basis for creations. I want to be considered as a real fashion designer in the Haute-Couture Industry.


URBAIN: What is your process to come up with such creative designs?

Armine: Mystery… 🙂

First of all, I work on theme research, on style and art references. Material work plays an extremely important part in my creations so I start by experimenting with materials in order to find innovative practices. After that, I sketch and I define the colour palette. I work on prints and textile design where needed.

Then comes pattern cutting – I develop patterns either in 2D or on models and carry out several fittings to check my patterns. The final stage is of course the assembly through sewing and the final touches.


URBAIN: We personally love the ‘Wave Movement’ Design, would you like to tell the story behind that and how you came up with the design?

Armine: I wanted to create the movement of waves. I made an interest into the Hokusai wave. Its energy, its force and its dynamic are the essential part of what I have in my artistic vision. This dress is made with denim and silk muslin. The embroidery represents the light reflection on waves… The idea is to transport you into the wave movement…

Movement of waves – Credits Robertino Paris

URBAIN: If you could collaborate with any Fashion Designer in the Industry, Who would you collaborate with?

Armine: With no hesitation: myself… (Laughing). I am not narcissistic. I would really appreciate to work with Iris Van Herpen. I love her 3D printed collection and her creative madness: a real artist.

URBAIN: What is your Favorite food in the world?

Armine: Happines, the best meal forever… Vine leaf, a traditional Armenian meal.


Here are some more amazing designs by Armine Ohanyan 





Deep winter – Credit Patrick Evesque







Crystallization – Credits Patrick Evesque






Dimension 2 – Credits Erkan Baris






Dimension 1 – Credits Erkan Baris








Beginning of spring 2 – Credits Charles Chicheportiche










Credits photo:

Erkan Baris:

Patrick Evesque:

Robertino Paris:


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