Machines: The Ultimate Outfit: All New Porsche Cayenne GTS

It is not always about the perfect pair of shoes for the tailored suit. It is not always about the perfect tie to match that custom shirt. Neither is it always about the interlinking set of Watch, Belt and pair of Shoes that makes ones ultimate outfit. At Machines: The Ultimate Outfit, we take your self presenting styles to an innovative point of view holding onto a very well know phrase, What One Drives Defines Him.


We Power Dress to make a statement of ourselves and to give an upfront perception of what we are capable at a first glance. Ever thought how significant is what the set of wheels under your disposal are capable of defining about you? Especially when it’s known for having originated from Stuttgart and well renowned for having German Engineering in its Blood Lines. Look no further than Porsche and the All New Cayenne GTS at that!

 Porsche has been acknowledged for making one of the Best Selling, Best Built, Best looking SUVs out there, The Cayenne. The elegance factor of the Cayenne is nothing short of inviting the onlooker’s second glance. The GTS with the Exclusive Package added on, offers a Special Edition of a Special SUV.


What Speaks For You?

Your taste in choices and decisions will further never be questioned with the All New Cayenne GTS at your disposal with every Cayenne coming with a ‘proven to attract’ factory colour. Further, with the Exclusive GTS, the body colour rear diffusers and the Turbo Rims add a unique gene along with the gloss black sporty quad exhausts. Porsche has ensured your arrivals and departures are note worthy with the deep grumbling exhaust that shouts out with a ear soothing blip at every gear shift.

The finishing of the stitches then run throughout the Dashboard and the seats speak and seek Perfection in every bit of them along with the Centre Console which gives you access to one of the most advanced electronical dream world where you can adjust over a 100 different components in your Cayenne.



Who is The Cayenne GTS for?

To make it as easy to comprehend as it gets, Best Of Both Worlds! Be it the Ultimate Gentleman that defines you or be it the Sporty Casual Magnate, the Cayenne is for you. For a vehicle that comes with a Comfort Mode every time you want to cruise around in your valuable time to putting your foot down to a power delivery you can never get tired of in the Sports Mode to the ultimate authority demanding Sports Plus Mode which brings out a miniature Senna in all of us.


How Much does an Exclusive Cayenne GTS set you aside?

Priced at a little short of Half A Million Dirhams with most of the optional extras added on, 460,000 AED or about $125,300 to be precise, the Cayenne makes a statement of your success before you have a chance to explain for yourself.



Why Should You Have A Cayenne?

Considering Uniqueness being one of the most key factors that makes you who you are, The unlimited options that the geniuses at Porsche offer you at the time of purchase of your Cayenne gives the owner the ultimate feel of a personalized machine which is a concept of his dreams to reality.

Definitely, If you are the kind of an Individual who appreciates everyone being on time for appointments and believes in the same yourself, the Twin-Turbocharged 24 Valve will get you from 0 – 100 Kilometers per hour in a mere 4.8 Seconds, which means you will have to wait a bit before your counterpart arrives.



A Phrase that Would Describe The Cayenne?


For The Day And Night Animal.


Experience the Porsche Cayenne GTS through our Video and Photo Gallery below.


View the complete gallery of the Porsche Cayenne GTS Here.

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