Exclusive Interview – Christian Manzala an Artistic Director of fashion shows

This time around we interviewed Christian Manzala, an Artistic Director of catwalk/fashion shows. With shows like VIP ROOM Paris which took place back in march, and many more successful fashion shows to come in future, he sure will be a well known name in the fashion industry. so lets get to know him better!

URBAIN: Hello Chris! How are you? Would you like to tell us something about yourself?

CHRIS: Hi I’m fine thank you and I hope you are too. I am 26 years old and I’m obsessed by fashion. Right now I’m an artistic director of catwalk shows.

URBAIN: How did you start in Fashion?

CHRIS: At First I wanted to be a designer or a stylist so I’ve passed my test and start my own brand. Then I’ve said to myself that fashion universe is very huge and I wanted to begin with an activity in that field where I could be a role model for those who want to live their dreams in the fashion industry and that’s what “Dream Fashion” does.. It all began when I met Hanissa K, together we formed a team and help girls who wanted to be models. I decided to challenge myself by following Hanissa in her catwalk show and I’ve love it so much that with time I’ve deepened my idea and became today an artistic director of fashion shows.

URBAIN: Do you plan on starting your own designer clothing brand? Or you already have a clothing brand?

CHRIS: I would maybe start my own brand later but now it’s not one of my priorities.

URBAIN: You had recently mentioned that you will be starting your own international fashion show. Can you tell us little bit about what you are planning?

CHRIS: Yes indeed, after a very successful first season at the VIP ROOM of Paris where I’ve got so many positives feedback which to be honest really surprised me because my first fashion show was only back in March (3 months ago), everything went so fast that I’ve decided to be International by making my own fashion show so I can express my talents as an artistic director. I want every one of my fashion shows to be different from others and I think this is whats makes me special so yeah I want the world to know about Dreams Fashion. 

URBAIN: What type of fashion brands do you like? 

CHRIS: I don’t really have a favorite brand I’m more of a crush guy. When I like an outfit, I know how to wear it. But talking about style, I like what Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana and Zara do. 

URBAIN: which fashion brands are overrated in your opinion? 

CHRIS: Haha I couldn’t tell you which brand is “overrated” to me because working with brands is my job 🙂 

URBAIN: How was it like to work with Fashion designers such as Armine Ohanyan and Isabelle Anselot

CHRIS: I’ve loved working with these two amazing designers. They got so much talent and their two worlds are completely opposed. I wanted Armine to walk at the VIP ROOM since the first day I got the artistic direction because I’ve seen that she won an E Fashion awards back in October 2016 and of course I love what she does. Concerning Isabelle, she was at at Armine’s show and she loved what she have seen so we just made it! And I really thank them for their confidence.

URBAIN: What else are you planning for future? 

CHRIS: For the coming years, I’d like my brand to be the reference in the world of fashion shows. To travel all around the world to make my dreams in the fashion industry a reality!

An image from VIP ROOM Fashion Show which was held in Paris in March 2017

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