Jordan brand and Tinker Hatfield are one of the most renowned duos in the sneaker industry , with such august collaborations and creations it is no
surprise to why the community always keeps an eye out for their next creation.

The duo have planned to release a redesigned model of the iconic Air Jordan 3 on March 30th. We can see the sneaker follows the original silhouette but only has a Nike swoosh added on to the upper of the shoe . The peculiarity of this model is that the newly added Nike swoosh is interchangeable. Just like any other sneaker , this sneaker too has received some positive feedback and some backlash, but this model has received more backlash than any of their releases.

Some members of the community say that the shoe has been “ruined” with the interchangeable Nike swoosh as the Air Jordan 3 was not originally designed to appear in that manner and that it takes away the “Jordan effect” from the sneakers.

I believe that Nike is doing great by redesigning and remodeling sneakers, it is amazing to see how the brand is now experimenting with the silhouettes and the color schemes but I also believe that Nike should use a different approach in terms to the number of changes brought to the original design, as this is a criterion ensure that the original scheme of the sneaker is preserved