Dubai took its tech to another level when the country introduced a certain “smart tunnel” that scans flyers instead of people and can complete passport control in 15 seconds.


Dubai international airport is the world’s busiest airport. Any delay is a peril and any time saved is an asset. The airport debuted a new “smart tunnel.”


It that uses biometric technology, instead of human checks, to allow some air travelers to complete passport control in just 15 seconds.


Passengers first have to register at a kiosk. Then they’ve to pass through “smart-gates” using an iris scan.


Maj. Gen, Mohammed Ahmed al-Marri, director-general at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, called it the “latest and most unique technology.” He says the project has been in development for about four years.


But for now, this facility is reserved only for first class and business class flyers.