Isabelle Anselot is an aspiring French fashion designer with some really creative and beautiful designs. We decided to talk to her and get to know more about her designs and how she comes up with them!

1. Hey Isabelle, How are you doing? Would you like to tell us a little about yourself?



Anselot, a name that sums up my story and remains the starting point for all my inspirations.

 Once upon a time there was a man, de Tolesna, an enterprising type of the kind normally only found in legends, with a pronounced taste for freedom. He left Lorient, to try his luck on the high seas, on his way to the Indies. Yet one day, a stroke of bad luck meant he had to change his name, and the anagram Anselot was devised to save his life…Ever since, I have continued to explore this taste for freedom and I have always felt the urge to cross borders, with cloth as my only tool.

I am a Fashion Designer, globetrotter and Artist Painter. At first, I cut my teeth at Dior Haute Couture, and then I turned my attention to the performing arts, theater and film, before created my own collection


2. What is your process to come up with such creative designs and art?

 Isabelle: My collections are an interface between fashion, design and directing, so before drawing the silhouettes or making the prototypes for the collection, I always start with writing.

I jot down short sentences, words right out of my imagination or things I’ve read, accompanied by quick sketches, a detail, and a curve. That’s how my scripted world is constructed.



3. What inspired you to get into the Fashion & Design Industry? And who do you look up to as your inspiration in this Industry?

Isabelle: My sense of stage direction and performance….Ah! Ah!

I love the idea of wearing different outfits according to the time of day.

Yves Saint Laurent of course, and Dries Van Noten without a doubt.


4. If you could collaborate with any Fashion Designer in the Industry, Who would you love to collaborate with?

Isabelle: Viktor & Rolf, because they are above all true artists and they work to push the limits of fashion, just like I work to create art outside of the box.

Without hesitation, for woman, I would really appreciate to work with Carmen Dell’Orefice. I love her sophisticated side and her elegance, and for man, and I will have loved meeting Klaus Kinski for his genius and his madness. Today I will love working with Viggo Mortensen

5. We personally love the designs from “BREAKFAST AT PARIS” collection. It’s simple yet elegant and sweet. What was your inspiration for that?

Isabelle : I work on concept  “At the Hotel as at Home”,  by overturning the conventions of the traditional dressing gown.  Models are the meeting between luxury and experience, while playing the card of aesthetics and emotion. “Breakfast at Paris”, or what do you wear for breakfast in a hotel lounge or garden?Simply drape yourself in a banyan from my collection, like a friendly arm around your shoulders.  The banyan: a housecoat born of the private sphere and the public sphere.     

6. What is your Favourite food in the world?

Isabelle: What’s magical about cooking is that it’s an integral part of the emotional sphere. Of course, when two people come into contact and express their feelings through the medium of their favourite dish, the meeting and the relationship that follow have a whole different flavour!

Fashion designer isabelle Anselot

7. Which other places have your Designs and art been featured? And which famous Fashion show would you love to see your designs walk the ramp?

Isabelle: After the Maison & Objet Show in January and the VIP Room Fashion Show by Dream’s Fashion in May, I plan to present my collections at shows abroad like Shanghai Fashion Week, Hangzou Fashion Week and Miami Concept Store.

8. Which other places can our readers follow you?


  Being in fashion means succeeding at no longer being in fashion.



Instagram: http://www.anselot_art_design

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Photo Credits:  Bruno Pellarin ZOO Studio